Kelsey Marine Salvage shuts down after three decades

It is with great regret that we must close the doors here at Kelsey Marine Salvage. Given recent tragic events, it has proven impossible to continue hunting the world for lost relics and treasure, and the reclamation of sunken ships.

We leave behind a legacy of successful salvage operations, from personal yachts in the Mediterranean, to a ruined Roman trireme off the coast of Africa, to a research vessel in Georgian Bay. We have had great adventures and recovered millions in lost artifacts and ancient treasures. We were also instrumental in discovering the truth in three separate marine insurance cases. Kelsey Marine Salvage has never sought the limelight, but we have handled some of the most impressive treasures found in aquatic sites all over the world in recent years.

The staff here at Kelsey Marine Salvage would like to thank our customers over the years: the fellow treasure-hunters, the historians, the adventurers, the detectives, and the nautical enthusiasts. We will miss working with you, hunting down clues and diving for the treasures of the deep. It is time to sail off one last time, and hope you will join us in saying farewell as the mast of KMS disappears beneath the horizon.